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#0 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-16 18:01:39 (327 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top

Наиболее популярные представители стиля:

KoRn :bow:

Korn is a band from Bakersfield, California, and are often credited with creating and popularizing the nu metal genre. Along with other bands at the time, they have also inspired many nu metal and alternative metal bands throughout the mid 1990s and early 2000s. The band's catalogue consists of nine consecutive debuts in the top ten of the Billboard 200, including a compilation album, Greatest Hits Vol.1, and their untitled eighth album, released on July 31, 2007. To date, Korn has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, including 16.5 in the U.S., whilst earning six Grammy nominations—two of which they have won...
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Deftones :smoke:

Deftones is a rock band from Sacramento, California formed in 1988, consisting of Chino Moreno (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Stephen Carpenter (lead guitar), Chi Cheng (bass guitar) Frank Delgado (keyboards and turntables) and Abe Cunningham (drums and percussion). Their sound has been described as ranging from alternative metal and dream pop, to progressive rock. Critics have often praised them as one of the more unique rock bands of recent years for their innovative, atmospheric music; as Johnny Loftus writes, "Rock critics usually reserve a special place for Deftones above or at least away from the rest of the turn-of-the-century metal movement [...] Deftones have always seemed more curious, more willing to incorporate traditionally revered sounds like dream pop or D.C. hardcore into their northern California alt-metal."...
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SlipKnot :evil:

Slipknot is an American nu metal band from Des Moines, Iowa. The current membership includes: Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Paul Gray, Chris Fehn, Jim Root, Craig Jones, Shawn Crahan, Mick Thomson, and Corey Taylor.Slipknot uses a down-tuned guitar set-up (lead, rhythm, and bass guitars), two percussionists in addition to the primary drummer, and electronics (samplers and turntables). The band's sound has been described as "a threshing machine devouring a military drum corps." The band incorporates diverse vocal styles, typically involving growled vocals, melodic singing and even rapping while the lyrics generally follow an aggressive tone. The band's musical influences include extreme metal, industrial, and hip hop.Slipknot's origins date back to 1992, and the band officially formed in November 1995. Slipknot underwent several line-up changes before releasing their debut album Slipknot in 1999. The band has released two other albums, Iowa and Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses), and are expected to release a fourth album in September 2008.
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Ill Nino :punk:

Ill Niño is a six-piece Metal band from New Jersey, USA Their use of multicultural influences in their music has helped them to create a unique sound. Ill Niño was actually founded in 1998, they had released a demo EP in that same year with Jorge Rosado on vocals. The EP was entitled El Niño, when they were originally called El Niño, after the weather phenomenon. It was until 1999 that they had officially formalized. After Rosado's return to his band Merauder, El Niño signed with Roadrunner Records in 2000, but were forced to change their name because it was already being used by another band...
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Disturbed :nyam:

Disturbed is a rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The group was formed in 1996 when musicians Dan Donegan, Steve "Fuzz" Kmak, and Mike Wengren hired singer David Draiman in Chicago, Illinois. They have sold over 10 million albums worldwide. Originally classified as a nu metal band, Disturbed is now regarded by some music critics as hard rock or heavy metal, although others now regard them as alternative metal. However, the band's genre is still being debated.
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Drowning Pool :cool:

Drowning Pool is a four-piece alternative metal band that formed in 1996 in Dallas, Texas, United States. They are currently signed to Eleven Seven Music and have released three albums, their most recent being Full Circle which was released on August 7, 2007.
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P.O.D. 8-)

P.O.D., initials standing for Payable On Death, is a multi-platinum nu metal band from San Diego, California. Formed in 1992, the band's line-up consists of vocalist Sonny Sandoval, drummer Wuv Bernardo, guitarist Marcos Curiel, and bassist Traa Daniels. With their third studio album, The Fundamental Elements of Southtown, they achieved their initial mainstream success; the album was certified Platinum by the RIAA in 2000. Their following studio album, Satellite, continued the band's success with the hit singles, "Alive" and "Youth of the Nation", pushing it to go 3x platinum.
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#51 by unknown[180865] at 2008-04-19 00:56:38 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
А вокалист Дефтонс,наверное,постоянно накуренный поёт,играет,пляшет и текста сочиняет :alien:

Кстати первый альбом Лимп Бизкита очень даже ничего,зато последующие :axe: Мама дорогая,катой там нафиг рэпкор,чистый Рэп :chair:
#52 by Nikalai (User) at 2008-04-19 01:13:00 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#48 vyhrist, da, referitor la nuantzele industrial, Agree.

Apropo, System of a Down e Nu Metal? Am intilnit de mai multe ori asha ideie..
pe unul din site-uri scrie:

"Nu metal or not?

A common debate amongst System fans and heavy metal fans in general, is the topic of the band's genre: Are they nu metal (a term which to some people brings negative connotations) or is their music easier described as simply heavy metal?

It is argued by some that System of a Down rarely feature guitar solos and have typical nu metal song structure (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus), and thus should be considered a nu metal band.

These arguments are also counteracted by the fact that they have not included rap in any of their songs, a typical, if not defining, characteristic of nu metal, but instead use occasional screams and growls that are typical of death metal. Another typical component of nu metal, the turntable, is not part of the band's instrumentation.

System of a Down have been labelled as nu metal by fans and media since their incarnation. This can be attributed to the release of their first album, which occured during the nu metal boom of the mid-to-late 90's. Adding to this, the band toured with Ozzfest, a festival that is typically features many up and coming nu metal bands.

Guitarist Daron Malakian was quoted in the magazine Guitar World as saying that he was glad that System of a Down had not slipped into the nu metal genre."
#53 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-19 08:58:56 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#51 MaddCat, честно говоря я не слушаю лимпов, так как их музыка и вокал не так уж и привлекают меня, как-то давно мне скинули их песни, несколько альбомов, но меня они "затянули" и я даже не качал ничего недостающего из их репертуара, я ваще про них вспомнил когда этот топик создавал))

#52 Nikalai, хмм, противоречивая статейка, почти все считают систему нью, а тут гитарист выдает такое.....хотя я тоже не причисляю их нью металу, у системы очень оригинальная музыка, не она не связана тесно с вышеуказанным жанром, скорее это альтер. метал что-ли// Хотя в инете видел статейку где разделили нью на олд и пост, и СОАД всунули именно в пост нью метал....
#54 by sanchez06 (Uploader) at 2008-04-19 09:57:55 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#52 Nikalai, SOAD asta pop!(imho)
#55 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-19 10:02:09 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#54 sanchez06, ну хотя что если судить о их знаменитости...
#56 by sanchez06 (Uploader) at 2008-04-19 10:49:23 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#55 vyhrist, am in vedere pop-music! la ei e muzica comerciala si nu au ce cauta in "metal"
#57 by Alesea (User) at 2008-04-19 11:06:26 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Hmmmm..... interesting topic but i have to disagree with some of you guys, who posted the comments here!!!!!

1. Why is not RAP a music genre????
2. I agree that metal is some type of music that some like, and some dont like, but i do not consider that if someone likes ROCK, they should consider RAP shit!!!
3. Know something guys:---------> In American Showbiz, Rappers and Rockers are friends, they respect each other and their music!!!! -------> So mind taking that into consideration!!!!!!

Peace and Respect to ya'll !!!!!
#58 by petrea28Disabled (I wish,I wish,I was a fish™|кипэруш) at 2008-04-19 11:10:27 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#57 Alesea, rap is a game of words....and 2 sounds that repeat all song allong....
that's why i can't consider it like a music genre....
P.S:my opinion
everyone can create rap....but to create metal you need tallent....
#59 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-19 11:11:51 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#57 Alesea, "... In American Showbiz, Rappers and Rockers are friends, they respect each other and their music!!!! ..." - fairy tales))
#60 by petrea28Disabled (I wish,I wish,I was a fish™|кипэруш) at 2008-04-19 11:12:56 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#59 vyhrist, "... fairy tales)) ..." - +1 )
#61 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-19 11:13:46 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#56 sanchez06, знаменитость - один из признаков поп музыки, поп - популярность ;-)

ЗЫ: ну не думаю что в начале своей карьеры были у них замашки на коммерцию...это приходит со временем)
#62 by petrea28Disabled (I wish,I wish,I was a fish™|кипэруш) at 2008-04-19 11:14:41 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#61 vyhrist, Laiho у тя на аватаре...кул аватар
#63 by Alesea (User) at 2008-04-19 11:16:40 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#58 Petrea28.... I agree that RAP is a game of words, but the beat is NOt just 2 sounds that sing over and over in the song.... it is more of a beat that has a lot of improvisation.... that is most of all because RAP is the music of the streets, created by all the sounds that you can get from anywhere.....

In ROCK it's just guitars, electric or acoustic, and a lot of drums!!!

I guess every genre of music has its own particularities!!! And each person chooses what he/she wants to listen to!!!

P.S. My opinion too :)))

#59 vyhrist ..... "fairytales" ????????

Gotta watch some more TV man!!!!
#64 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-19 11:17:53 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#62 petrea28, да да да! чилдреныыы!!!!

#63 Alesea, "... Gotta watch some more TV man!!!! ..." - видимо тебе надо наоборот поменьше смотреть))
#65 by petrea28Disabled (I wish,I wish,I was a fish™|кипэруш) at 2008-04-19 11:18:54 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#63 Alesea, "... Gotta watch some more TV man!!!! ..." - hate TV :wink:
#66 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-19 11:19:16 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#63 Alesea, "... In ROCK it's just guitars, electric or acoustic, and a lot of drums!!! ..." - банальное описание....
#67 by Alesea (User) at 2008-04-19 11:20:18 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
petrea28 "everyone can create rap....but to create metal you need tallent...."

You need tallent to make rap too, not any idiot can make lyrics!!!

And WHAT kind of tallent to you need to create metal?????
#68 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-19 11:21:39 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#67 Alesea, "... And WHAT kind of tallent to you need to create metal????? ..." - а вот это уже не смешно!
#69 by petrea28Disabled (I wish,I wish,I was a fish™|кипэруш) at 2008-04-19 11:22:08 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#67 Alesea, "... And WHAT kind of tallent to you need to create metal????? ..." - you GoTTa know how to play the guitar gotta have a rap you don't need a voice...and for your information to play a guitar and to scream is very hard :wink:
#70 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-19 11:24:06 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#69 petrea28, также философская лирика, использование различных гитарн. эффектов, оригинальность и тд и тп....
#71 by Alesea (User) at 2008-04-19 11:26:07 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#66 vyhrist.... I dont watch too much TV at all, just too much computer.... and an advice... look at live concerts, of Korn, and you will see that Ice Cube sings with them (song Children of the Korn) :ae:
#72 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-19 11:27:53 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#71 Alesea, shit happens... :drool:
#73 by Alesea (User) at 2008-04-19 11:30:11 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
petrea28 I know how hard it is to scream, and play the guitar! But to make rap you need to be smart, to have a huge vocabulary of words, know how to make sence of what you'r singing, and this has to be prompt, right away, you dont have time to think much!!!

Anyway guys, I like both genres. Just dont like the screaming too much!!! :D

#72 vyhrist "shit happens" --> that is not shit, that is cool, awesome.... I could listen to that, even if i dont like Korn too much!!!! :):):)
#74 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-19 11:35:05 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#73 Alesea, "... to make rap you need to be smart ..." - :hmmm:

#73 Alesea, "... to make sence of what you'r singing ..." - money, girls, respect, what else? yeah, and mazer fakerr....
#75 by Alesea (User) at 2008-04-19 11:37:47 (326 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
By the way..... :p Nu Metal is the music that Korn, Limp Bizkit sings???? What does "Nu" mean?

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