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#0 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-16 18:01:39 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top

Наиболее популярные представители стиля:

KoRn :bow:

Korn is a band from Bakersfield, California, and are often credited with creating and popularizing the nu metal genre. Along with other bands at the time, they have also inspired many nu metal and alternative metal bands throughout the mid 1990s and early 2000s. The band's catalogue consists of nine consecutive debuts in the top ten of the Billboard 200, including a compilation album, Greatest Hits Vol.1, and their untitled eighth album, released on July 31, 2007. To date, Korn has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, including 16.5 in the U.S., whilst earning six Grammy nominations—two of which they have won...
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Deftones :smoke:

Deftones is a rock band from Sacramento, California formed in 1988, consisting of Chino Moreno (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Stephen Carpenter (lead guitar), Chi Cheng (bass guitar) Frank Delgado (keyboards and turntables) and Abe Cunningham (drums and percussion). Their sound has been described as ranging from alternative metal and dream pop, to progressive rock. Critics have often praised them as one of the more unique rock bands of recent years for their innovative, atmospheric music; as Johnny Loftus writes, "Rock critics usually reserve a special place for Deftones above or at least away from the rest of the turn-of-the-century metal movement [...] Deftones have always seemed more curious, more willing to incorporate traditionally revered sounds like dream pop or D.C. hardcore into their northern California alt-metal."...
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SlipKnot :evil:

Slipknot is an American nu metal band from Des Moines, Iowa. The current membership includes: Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Paul Gray, Chris Fehn, Jim Root, Craig Jones, Shawn Crahan, Mick Thomson, and Corey Taylor.Slipknot uses a down-tuned guitar set-up (lead, rhythm, and bass guitars), two percussionists in addition to the primary drummer, and electronics (samplers and turntables). The band's sound has been described as "a threshing machine devouring a military drum corps." The band incorporates diverse vocal styles, typically involving growled vocals, melodic singing and even rapping while the lyrics generally follow an aggressive tone. The band's musical influences include extreme metal, industrial, and hip hop.Slipknot's origins date back to 1992, and the band officially formed in November 1995. Slipknot underwent several line-up changes before releasing their debut album Slipknot in 1999. The band has released two other albums, Iowa and Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses), and are expected to release a fourth album in September 2008.
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Ill Nino :punk:

Ill Niño is a six-piece Metal band from New Jersey, USA Their use of multicultural influences in their music has helped them to create a unique sound. Ill Niño was actually founded in 1998, they had released a demo EP in that same year with Jorge Rosado on vocals. The EP was entitled El Niño, when they were originally called El Niño, after the weather phenomenon. It was until 1999 that they had officially formalized. After Rosado's return to his band Merauder, El Niño signed with Roadrunner Records in 2000, but were forced to change their name because it was already being used by another band...
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Disturbed :nyam:

Disturbed is a rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The group was formed in 1996 when musicians Dan Donegan, Steve "Fuzz" Kmak, and Mike Wengren hired singer David Draiman in Chicago, Illinois. They have sold over 10 million albums worldwide. Originally classified as a nu metal band, Disturbed is now regarded by some music critics as hard rock or heavy metal, although others now regard them as alternative metal. However, the band's genre is still being debated.
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Drowning Pool :cool:

Drowning Pool is a four-piece alternative metal band that formed in 1996 in Dallas, Texas, United States. They are currently signed to Eleven Seven Music and have released three albums, their most recent being Full Circle which was released on August 7, 2007.
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P.O.D. 8-)

P.O.D., initials standing for Payable On Death, is a multi-platinum nu metal band from San Diego, California. Formed in 1992, the band's line-up consists of vocalist Sonny Sandoval, drummer Wuv Bernardo, guitarist Marcos Curiel, and bassist Traa Daniels. With their third studio album, The Fundamental Elements of Southtown, they achieved their initial mainstream success; the album was certified Platinum by the RIAA in 2000. Their following studio album, Satellite, continued the band's success with the hit singles, "Alive" and "Youth of the Nation", pushing it to go 3x platinum.
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#26 by morfikk (Power User) at 2008-04-18 15:01:58 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#25 petrea28, da ladna!!! las....
#27 by petrea28Disabled (I wish,I wish,I was a fish™|кипэруш) at 2008-04-18 15:03:08 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#26 morfikk, :D
seo... no more offtopic
#28 by morfikk (Power User) at 2008-04-18 15:06:00 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#27 petrea28, ok!

#29 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-18 16:02:30 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Wow, я что-то пропустил))

#17 by HeadShooter ...postul tau nui pararea, doar o prostie... :jester:

#27 petrea28, "... no more offtopic ..." - ei, scrii ce vrei, eu nu sunt contra floodului))) dar "в рамках позволенного" :-)
#30 by morfikk (Power User) at 2008-04-18 17:57:11 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#29 vyhrist, deacord

#31 by petrea28Disabled (I wish,I wish,I was a fish™|кипэруш) at 2008-04-18 18:05:47 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
vreu-s shtiu dak BFMV a sa faka DVD cu scream aim fire...

shtie cineva?)
#32 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-18 18:22:30 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#31 petrea28, так ведь давно есть...

Вот что-то DVD
#33 by petrea28Disabled (I wish,I wish,I was a fish™|кипэруш) at 2008-04-18 19:18:32 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#32 vyhrist, я имею в виду лаив ДВД
#34 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-18 19:40:58 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#33 petrea28, упс, сори...
ДВД лайва кажется нет, кроме самой песни лайв канешн....
#35 by petrea28Disabled (I wish,I wish,I was a fish™|кипэруш) at 2008-04-18 20:32:18 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#34 vyhrist, появиЦа скажещ)

#36 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-18 20:45:16 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#35 petrea28, йееее!
#37 by sanchez06 (Uploader) at 2008-04-18 21:58:40 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Imi place Nu-Metal-ul pentru originalitatea sa!
Din nu-metal cel mai mult imi place Korn!
#38 by petrea28Disabled (I wish,I wish,I was a fish™|кипэруш) at 2008-04-18 22:02:37 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#36 vyhrist, De la korn am ascultat doar ultimul album shi m-am cam dezamagit....potsi sa-mi recomanzi ceva de la ei?....
#39 by sanchez06 (Uploader) at 2008-04-18 22:08:11 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#38 petrea28, asculta albumul "Untouchables"!
#40 by morfikk (Power User) at 2008-04-18 22:15:03 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#37 sanchez06, korn-respect!!!!
#41 by petrea28Disabled (I wish,I wish,I was a fish™|кипэруш) at 2008-04-18 22:19:04 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#39 sanchez06, unde pot sa-l gasesc in MP3 pe tracker este doar in FLAC
#42 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-18 22:21:51 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#39 sanchez06, +111111111........

Последний альбом - полнейший УПС.....


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#43 by sanchez06 (Uploader) at 2008-04-18 22:23:36 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#41 petrea28, ai cautat bine?
#44 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-18 22:24:35 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#41 petrea28, вытащи его отсюда
#45 by sanchez06 (Uploader) at 2008-04-18 22:25:14 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#42 vyhrist, "... полнейший УПС ..." - -1, mie imi place, si ce daca nu seamana cu Korn-ul obisnuit? ei au incercat sa faca ceva nou... si rau ca fanii nu apreciaza.
#46 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-18 22:29:51 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#45 sanchez06, как те объяснить....ну вот та же ситуация как с ЛП, музыка становится легче, набираюцца новые фаны, но те "олд фэнс" первого альбома с трудом примут новизну.....вот и я немного не воспринимаю, хотя не весь альбом конечно упс, многие песни нравяцца, но все таки предыдущие альбомы рвут поболее, имхо....
#47 by Nikalai (User) at 2008-04-19 00:25:45 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Limp Bizkit e Nu Metal? LOL.

daka se poate, ash insista shi kred ka ar fi korekt ka la "Наиболее яркие представители стиля" sa fie adaugat shi Static-X. E un band destul de kunoskut sh kred ka e un "reprezentant de vaza" :)  al genului dat.
#48 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-19 00:35:16 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#47 Nikalai, конечно добавлю, я же не кинул оформление, все потихоньку будет)) ну а лимпы нью канеш, нью/рэпкор, именно из за них нью начали называть мазафакой, вот так ^^, так что не знаю что тут смешного, может просветишь?)) а у статиков элементы индастриала, так что и там мона крикнуть "Лол, это нью?"....
#49 by unknown[180865] at 2008-04-19 00:39:37 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Корн люблю и уважаю,Лимпов презираю,Дефтонс только по накурке идёт к ню металлу отношусь вполне позитивно.

А Статики сами себя определяют как треш-метал

Кстати,разве P.O.D. не ню-металл?
#50 by vyhrist (Power User) at 2008-04-19 00:52:01 (479 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#49 MaddCat, "... А Статики сами себя определяют как треш-метал ..." - хз...

#49 MaddCat, "... Лимпов презираю ..." - мда, они меня тож че то не очень прикалывают....

#49 MaddCat, "... Дефтонс только по накурке идёт ..." - хаха, я первый раз когда услышал голос засомневался в здравом уме вокалиста))))

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