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ˮHot new legal dramaˮ (Deadline Hollywood)

While running from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant young college-dropout, slips into a job interview with one of New York City`s best legal closers, Harvey Specter. Tired of cookie-cutter law school grads, Harvey takes a gamble by hiring Mike on the spot after he recognizes his raw talent and photographic memory. Mike and Harvey are a winning team. Even though Mike is a genius, he still has a lot to learn about law. And while Harvey may seem like an emotionless, cold-blooded shark, Mike`s sympathy and concern for their cases and clients will help remind Harvey why he went into law in the first place.
Season 5 promo (Spoiler)

ˮEqual parts, swagger and smartsˮ (The WallStreet Journal)

ˮImpressive out of the gateˮ (Los Angeles Times)

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Suits on Facebook
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ˮTantalizingˮ (The WallStreet Journal)

  • Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.
  • Your best asset is your mind. They can`t take that away from you.
  • I didn`t ask you to explain the problem to me, I asked you to fix it for me.
  • I know you meant that as a compliment, but I don`t appreciate limits being placed on my beauty.
  • You don`t send a puppy to clean up its own mess.
  • Louis: So what is this new cologne the scent of jealousy?
Harvey: You don`t recognize your wife`s perfume? I know, you`re not married. Still funny.
  • First impressions last. Start behind the eight ball and you`ll never get in front.
  • I`m emotionally vested in me.
  • Would you like me to thank your face with my fist?
  • I don`t know what imaginary world you`re skipping in right now but it`s time you joined us in the real world.
  • Lying to me doesn`t protect me. It betrays me.
  • That`s the difference between you and me, you wanna lose small, I wanna win big
  • I don`t play the odds, I play the men.
  • Objection. Bullshit.
  • You`re weird. We`ll be friends.
  • The jury listened to word, but they respond to fear.
  • I`m sorry I don`t have a photographic memory, but my brain is too busy being awesome.
  • Are you having a stroke?
  • I'm Moby-Goddamn-Dick. And you just swam in my waters.
Soundtrack List
Season 1

s01e01: "PILOT"

"Not Just a Girl" by She Wants Revenge
"Taken Away" by Ben Westbeech
"When They Fight They Fight" by The Generationals
"Howlin' For You" by The Black Keys
"Changing" by The Airborne Toxic Event
"All The Shallow Deep" by Nobody Presents Blank Blue
"Oxford Comma" by The Vampire Weekend - **only in Pilot premiere version
"The World Is Going Up In Flames" by Charles Bradley
"Grey Lynn Park" by The Veils
"You're a Wolf" by Sea Wolf


"Houdini" by Foster the People
"Suffocation Blues" by Black Pistol Fire
"Gaia" by The Bees
"How Long" by Charles Bradley & Menahan Street Band
"Burnin Sands" by Kram
"Chris Tyng" by Untitles Incidental Music
"Perfect Day" by The Constellations
"Move Yourself" by magnificent Dreams


"Intro" by The XX
"Houdini" by Foster The People
"Suffocation Blues" by Black Pistol Fire
"Burnin' Sands" by Kram
"Gaia" by The Bees
"How Long" by Charles Bradley


"Blank Pages" by The Album Leaf
"Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People
"Free" by Grafitti 6
"Misery" by Kendra Morris

s01e05: "BAIL OUT"

"A Fool No More" by Eddie Hope and The Mannish Boys
"Strong Enough" by The Heavy
"Ready To Roll" by Philadelphia Grand Jury
"Single Feather" by Goodbye Motel
"Good Days Bad Days" by Kaiser Chiefs


"Holdin' On To Black Metal" by My Morning Jacket
"Perfect Girl" by The Stereotypes
"I Don't Rate Your Man" by Splitter

s01e07: "PLAY THE MAN"

"Second Chance" by Peter Bjorn
"The Gentle Rain (RJD2 Remix)" by Astrud Gilberto
"Coleen" by The Heavy featuring The Dap-Kings
"Intro" by The XX
"Heaven's On Fire" by The Radio Dept.
"I learned My Lesson" by Willie Davis
"Enter Through The Sun" by Young Empires
"Cafe Roma" by Vintage Bob


"Something's Changed" by Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
"Citizen" by Broken Bells

s01e09: "UNDEFEATED"

"not listed" by Qbanito
"Enter Through the Sun" by Young Empires

s01e10: "THE SHELF LIFE"

"Why Did We Fire The Gun" by Waldeck
"Speaking of Happiness (Sure Shot Remix)" by Gloria Lynne
"Yes!" by DJ Center
"Barry White" by Fredda
"Bossa Per Due" by Nicola Conte
"Take Me For What I Am" by Henry Ford
"Center's Groove" by DJ Center
"Cut the Jazz" by De-Phazz


"Lady Jesus" by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
"The World Is Going Up In Flames" by Charles Bradley
"A Gentle Awakening" by JD McPherson

s01e12: "DOGFIGHT"

"Love Like a Sunset" by Phoenix
"Running With Insanity" by Alcoholic Faith Mission
"Perfect World" by The KickDrums
"Heartaches & Pain" by Charles Bradley

Season 2

s02e01: "SHE KNOWS"

"Smoke & Mirrors" by Gotye
"Chapel Song" by We Are Augustines
"Aint Nuthin' " by Danny Lütz
"Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica
"Bloodstream (Vampire Diaries Remix)" by Stateless
"Fiction" by The XX

s02e02: "THE CHOICE"

"Want For Nothing" by Ernest Ellis & The Panamas
"There She Goes" by " by Nash
"Time Go" by " by Caught A Ghost
"Intro" by The XX


"Heaven" by Ebo Taylor
"4 o'clock (in the morning) (DJs@Work RMX)" by Lazard
"Time Go" by Caught A Ghost
"Never Mess With Sunday" by Yppah

s02e04: "DISCOVERY"

"Rubberband Man" by The Spinners
"Got To Have Rock & Roll" by Heartless Bastards
"That Home" by The Cinematic Orchestra

s02e05: "BREAK POINT"

"Blood Pressure" by Mutemath
"That Home" by Cinematic Orchestra
"Blue In Green" by Miles Davis
"Naima" by John Coltrane

s02e06: "ALL IN"

"Gold On The Ceiling" by
"Fitzpleasure" by Alt-J
"Pa' Bailar (Instrumental Album Version)" by Bajofondo
"Clip" by Tumbler
"Stars" by The XX

s02e07: "SUCKER PUNCH"

"Paddling Out" by Mike Snow
"Peace of Mind" by Selah Sue
"That Home" by The Cinematic Orchestra

s02e08: "REWIND"

"Without You" by Junip
"The Hop" by Radio Citizen
"Thursday" by Asobi Seksu
"Afternoon" by The Hit Back
"Spacetime" by Gardens & Villa
"Wish You Were Here" by Lee Fields

s02e09: "ASTERISK"

"The Art of Tuning Out" by Animal Kingdom
"Normal Song" by Perfume Genius
"Disco Inferno" by The Trammps

s02e10: "HIGH NOON"

"Bright Lights" by Gary Clark Jr.
"Truth" by Alexander
"Armageddon" by Nash
"Dance Yrself Clean" by LCD Soundsystem
"Shot Shot" by Gomez

s02e11: "BLIND-SIDED"

"Fiction" by The XX
"Seer" by Motopony


"Marathon" by Heartless Bastards
"Tagalong" by Hit Back

s02e13: "ZANE VS ZANE"

"Can't Play Dead" by The Heavy
"Money Maker" by The Black Keys
"Intro" by The XX

s02e14: "HE'S BACK"

"Let's Talk It Over" by Lee Fields
"Your Hand In Mine" by Explosions In The Sky
"Stars" by The XX

s02e15: "NORMANDY"

"Rolled Together" by The Antlers
"It's About Time" by Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics

s02e16: "WAR"

"Ya Never Know" by Terraplane Sun
"Short Change Hero" by The Heavy
"Sunset" by The XX
"Break the Silence" by The Dig
"I'm the king" by Six Def
"Don't Wanna Go the Other Way" by Cody Chestnutt
"Rolled Together" by The Antlers

Season 3


“Sleeping At Night” by Caught A Ghost
“Use Me” by Beans & Fatback
“Sacrilege” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
“Bloodstream” by Stateless
“Too Fat to Crawl” by Hit Back


“Count on me” by Are we Brothers?
“Rumble and Sway” by Jaime N Commons
“Addicted to You” by Scorpio Loon
“Rolling With The Punches” by The Blue Stones


”Where Do We Go from Here” (feat. Menahan Street Band) by Charles Bradley
“Never Mess With Sunday” by Yppah
“Play It” by Victory
“Look Out” by The James Hunter Six
“Respect Yourself” by Staple Sisters


“Hard to Find” by The National
“Would That Not Be Nice” by Divine Fits
“No Discussion” by Nassaw Tate
“Dress Well, Drink Heavily” by 45 Adapters
“Medicine Man” (feat. Ella Thompson) by The Bamboos
“Never Mess With Sunday” by Yppah
“Intro” by The XX


“Coffee” by Misun
“Feels so Good” by The Record Company
“Calling Miss Khadija” by Art Blakey
“Sands of Time” by Audiomachine
“A Gentle Awakening” by JD McPherson
“Piano Mantra” by Mikal Cronin
“Aint love worn” by The Record Company

s03e06: "THE OTHER TIME"

“Retrograde” by James Blake
“The Fall” by Rhye

s03e07: "SHE'S MINE"

“Hey Now” by London Grammar
“Rolling With the Punches” by The Blue Stones
“Can’t Win Em All” by Hanni El Khatib

s03e08: "ENDGAME"

“Stompa” by Serena Ryder
“Shutters” by Hayden Calnin

s03e09: "BAD FAITH"

“The Walker” by Fitz & The Tantrums
“Worthy” by Jacob Banks
“Going and Going. And Going.” by Icebird
“Oh My Sky” by Isidore

s03e10: "STAY"

“Stay With Me” by No
“What I Did” by Cutty Gold


“Money Rain Down” by Big Black Delta
“Promise“ by Ben Howard
“Love Bug Blues (feat. Menahan Street Band)” by Charles Bradley
“Big Light“ by Houses


“Dusty Blue“ by Charles Bradley
“Phantoms and Friends“ by Old Man Canyon

Season 4

s04e01: "ONE, TWO, THREE, GO"

“Love Me Again” by John Newman
“The Angel and the Fool” by Broken Bells
“Thiskidsnotalright” by AWOLNATION


“Spectre” by Tycho

s04e03: "TWO IN THE KNEES"

“Bubble Games” by Magic Bronson
“Pulsing: Tired Lungs” by Kiev
“How it Feels”  by James & Evander
“Corsicana” by The Antlers
“After All Is Said and Done” by Junip

s04e04: "LEVERAGED"

“Awake” by Electric Guest
“All I Want” by Dawn Golden

s04e05: "POUND OF FLESH"

“All I Want” by Dawn Golden
“Drive You Home” by The Donnies The Amys

s04e06: "LITT THE HELL UP"

“Crazy” by Daniela Andrade
“Be What You Want” by Robin Loxley & Oliver Jackson
“For My Help” by Hayden Calnin
"Bubble Games" by Magic Bronson
"Dark" by Luke Sital-Singh

s04e07: "WE'RE DONE"

“Have a Good Time” by Boo Boo Davis
“Whirlpool” by Sea Wolf
“Dark” by Luke Sital-Singh
“Short Change Hero” by The Heavy
“Mexico” by Luis Mariano
“Blackbird” by Sarah McLachlan
“Urchin” by Labyrinth Ear

s04e08: "EXPOSURE"

“Paralyzed” by Lee Fields & The Expressions
“Looking Too Closely” by Fink
"Crazy" by Daniela Andrade
"Short Change Hero" by The Heavy

s04e09: "GONE"

“Bloodline” by BARBAROSSA
"Paralyzed" by Lee Fields & The Expressions
"Bird of Sorrow" by Glen Hansard
"Hush" by Calexico
"All I Want" by Dawn Golden
"Bloodline" by James Mathé
"Looking Too Closely" by Fink

s4e10: "THIS IS ROME"

"Golden Casket" by King Baby James
"What Makes A Good Man?" by The Heavy


Următorul episod (s05e02) 02 iulie

Suits Lovers


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#1001 by DoggyBow ( Fan Steaua ) at 2016-08-10 12:50:19 (33 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#1000 Experiment, o săi facă pe toți mulțumiți :wink:
#1002 by Allyx Warned Club de sah si dameMuzician (Madridist) at 2016-08-10 14:43:51 (33 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#1000 Experiment, "... totusi cum Mike o sa-l kidaneasca pe acela, nu m-am asteptat ..." - că tu nu kidanei ca să ieşi :fuckthatbitch:
#1003 by _GENERATOR_ (Мазаль тов) at 2016-08-10 14:56:28 (33 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#1002 Allyx, "... că tu nu kidanei ca să ieşi ..." - :fuckthatbitch:
#1004 by DominicHunter (Omnia mea mecum porto.) at 2016-08-11 07:45:27 (32 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Nu e rau episodul nou. In sirsit ceva actiune ca pe timpuri)
#1005 by Experiment (Hala Madrid!) at 2016-08-11 14:11:08 (32 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#1002 Allyx, eu ca eu :D

da Mike doar mereu era pravelinii
#1006 by _GENERATOR_ (Мазаль тов) at 2016-08-13 18:21:32 (32 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
he he foarte bun episod bine jucat.... :derp: Dar cred că va apărea un ,,no, la sfîrşit
#1007 by RDC (Uploader) at 2016-08-26 00:11:25 (30 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Bună băieţi. Eu sunt sigur că unii dintre voi apreciază mult muzica din Suits şi poate chiar o apreciaţi mai mult ca conţinutul filmului din ultimile 3 sezoane aşa că este o propunere.
Hai să căutăm OST-ul în baza listei de pe
Pe trackere o să găsiţi OST pentru sez 1-3 într-o calitate cuprinsă între 128-320 kbps,iar unele track-uri în genere nu să le găsiţi.
Personal m-am apucat de sez 1 şi am scoso în capăt. Lipsesc cîteva trăck-uri 3-4 +/-
#1008 by _GENERATOR_ (Мазаль тов) at 2016-08-26 03:45:26 (30 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#1007 RDC,
#1009 by DoggyBow ( Fan Steaua ) at 2016-08-26 12:23:02 (30 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
pe la cat apare episodul nou? :)
#1010 by RDC (Uploader) at 2016-08-26 15:17:48 (30 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#1009 DoggyBow, ep 7 deja este
#1011 by DoggyBow ( Fan Steaua ) at 2016-08-26 16:34:09 (30 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#1010 RDC, pe TMD zic, dar gata lam văzut)
#1012 by disk52x (king_lion the best) at 2016-08-30 11:53:49 (30 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#1013 by saniokv (Lawyer Zone) at 2016-09-04 19:42:53 (29 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
cate episoade va avea sezonul 7, e ultimul sezon?
#1014 by stefan007 (Rocket man) at 2016-09-04 20:03:18 (29 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#1013 saniokv, "... cate episoade va avea sezonul 7 ..." - cel mai probabil ca tot 16

#1013 saniokv, "... e ultimul sezon? ..." - vom afla vara viitoare, dupa ce vor arata cateva episoade si in dependenta de audienta vor decide daca vor continua sau nu serialul
#1015 by DoggyBow ( Fan Steaua ) at 2016-09-06 05:45:07 (29 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
eu cred că Mike încă nu iese :)
#1016 by disk52x (king_lion the best) at 2016-09-08 22:22:01 (28 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Pricisonu' lui Harvey in ultima serie o luat-o razna.
#1017 by DoggyBow ( Fan Steaua ) at 2016-09-08 22:34:52 (28 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#1016 disk52x, unde ai vast ultima serie?
#1018 by disk52x (king_lion the best) at 2016-09-08 22:38:41 (28 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#1017 DoggyBow,
#1019 by DominicHunter (Omnia mea mecum porto.) at 2016-09-08 23:35:47 (28 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#1016 disk52x, "... o luat-o razna ..." - omu imbtrinesste, si poate o luat exemplu de la Mike de a experimenta cu parul )
#1020 by 212i (Power User) at 2016-09-09 11:01:33 (28 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
salut, la ce ora azi fa fi suits incarcat?)
#1021 by stefan007 (Rocket man) at 2016-09-15 21:28:36 (27 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
si s-au dus cele 10 episoade... asa repede
#1022 by iulianuska27 (User) at 2016-09-15 22:15:34 (27 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
mda... mi-a placut mult sfirsitul sezonului
#1023 by RDC (Uploader) at 2016-09-15 22:41:51 (27 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
bl nu erau 16?? aşa un episod ufffffff
personal aş închide serialul aici so terminat perfect supă atîta lungire
da parcă văd că o să trebuiască să fie un sezon cel puţin unde cei 2 conduc :D
#1024 by Allyx Warned Club de sah si dameMuzician (Madridist) at 2016-09-16 00:12:28 (27 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
momentul cu Louis la Judecata lui Jessica e epic :rofl:
#1025 by stefan007 (Rocket man) at 2016-09-16 13:17:31 (27 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#1023 RDC, Sezonul nu s-a terminat. Vor mai fi 6 episoade in ianuarie 2017.

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