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#0 by AnVeRsTeR (N5 Blood ♛) (0 mesaje) at 2006-06-25 17:34:03 (581 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top


Tribute to our greatest managers :bow:

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#26 by newmoldo (Arsenal legend) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-02 02:35:28 (580 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#25 Walker , 49 de meciuri)) la mu au pierdut numa 2-0(( akum skot de pe extern un torrent ku aceste meciuri , il voi pune sh aici kind voi fi power user))
#27 by Walker Donor Fotbalist (Eligible Dead Voter) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-02 13:52:40 (580 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#26 newmoldo, cool :D
#28 by kuett Fotbalist (VIP) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-04 09:32:39 (580 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#29 by newmoldo (Arsenal legend) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-04 11:19:04 (580 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top

Eroul campionatului modndial:)
#30 by kuett Fotbalist (VIP) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-04 12:49:32 (580 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#29 newmoldo, cam rau so primit :D
#31 by newmoldo (Arsenal legend) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-04 12:58:11 (580 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#30 kuett, da shtiu :) da poliubomu las sa fie pi shini inkurka?:D
#32 by Morph (Power User) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-04 17:07:21 (580 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Favorita mea la fel este Arsenal...!!!:)
#33 by newmoldo (Arsenal legend) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-04 17:17:22 (580 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#32 Morph,
  inka un suporter al tunarilor:) 
#34 by Walker Donor Fotbalist (Eligible Dead Voter) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-04 17:55:37 (580 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Arsenal 4ever :D
#35 by newmoldo (Arsenal legend) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-10 15:24:27 (579 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Sol Campbell - a tribute to the complete defender
Sol Campbell came to Arsenal to win trophies. He did exactly that. Now, after a Double, an unbeaten title season and a goal in the Champions League Final, Campbell has gone. reporter Chris Harris reflects on his five years at Highbury.

Close your eyes and imagine Tony Adams, in his prime, holding up a Tottenham shirt after securing a move to White Hart Lane. Makes you wince, doesn't it? Well, that's how it felt to be a Spurs fan in the summer of 2001.

Everyone knew Sol Campbell was leaving Tottenham. Everyone knew he wanted Champions League football. Everyone thought they knew he would join one of the many continental clubs vying for his attention.

Then the bombshell dropped. I was at Wimbledon - the tennis championships, not the football club - when the news broke that Campbell had joined Arsenal. I nearly fell off my chair. The Spurs captain? On a Bosman free? Surely not?

Of all Arsène Wenger's signings, few have been as audacious as that of Campbell. But it was well worth it. Forget the sensational circumstances, the bottom line is that Wenger secured the services of arguably England's premier centre half.

At his best, Sol had few peers. Strong in the tackle, powerful in the air, deceptively quick and fiercely committed - he was the complete defender. With Campbell in their ranks, Arsenal stormed to the Double in his first season at Highbury.

But it wasn't just Sol's ability which made him so valuable. When Tony Adams retired in the summer of 2002, Arsenal needed a new leader at the back. Campbell, fresh from a starring role at the World Cup, was Adams' natural successor.

Injury and suspension deprived Arsenal of their defensive kingpin at the business end of the 2002/03 campaign and, although the FA Cup was won, the chance of back-to-back titles slipped away with Campbell kicking his heels on the touchline.

He made amends the following season. Fit, focused and formidable, Campbell forged a fine partnership with Kolo Toure as Arsenal recorded that historic unbeaten season. An astonishing achievement and one in which Campbell played a full part.

After the final game of that extraordinary campaign, Campbell sat in the centre circle with Thierry Henry, taking in the magnitude of what they and Arsenal had just done. Ultimately, the former Spurs hero had etched his name in Arsenal history.

Injuries took their toll after that. Campbell's appearances were limited in his final two seasons at Highbury and there were hints of a new era being ushered in as a partnership between Toure and Philippe Senderos began to blossom.

But Campbell would not be denied one last hurrah and he took his chance on the biggest stage of all - the Champions League Final in Paris.

His soaring first-half header gave Arsenal a glimpse of glory and, after giving his side the lead, Campbell did as much as anyone to keep Barcelona at bay until the 10 men were finally breached 16 minutes from time.

Those late Barca goals ensured Campbell's Arsenal career ended in glorious failure rather than glory. But his performance in Paris proved that - despite claims to the contrary - Sol still has plenty to offer.

Pacata ca Sol nea parasit:) Itzi uram succes in cariera ta de fotbalist shi viatza personala :!:
#36 by kuett Fotbalist (VIP) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-10 21:45:16 (579 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
... animala , unde so dus?
#37 by Pancho Fotbalist (Hero) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-10 22:14:29 (579 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Arsenal ziceti ... din Anglia tin cu Newcaslte in primul rind (mai ales cu moş Shearer :) ) ... dar si Arsenal e favorita (imi placea si Sunderland cind venise in Premiership, acum au ramas doar 2 favorite), mai ales ca numi plac deloc Liverpool, MU si in special Chelsea :sick: (in genere numi plac cluburile foarte bogate ... Real tot :wink: )
#38 by newmoldo (Arsenal legend) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-10 23:14:02 (579 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#36 kuett, am citit be bbc ca il doreste fenerbahce, turcii sunt dispushi sal dei pe atacantul ganei apiah tunarilor ku konditzia ka sol sa se duka la dinshii.

P.S. ai oleac de respect fatza de dinsu, totushi a avut o contributzie colosala in jokul defensiv al tunarilor:wink:

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#39 by Walker Donor Fotbalist (Eligible Dead Voter) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-11 10:01:50 (579 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#37 Pancho, +1 ; )
#40 by newmoldo (Arsenal legend) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-14 17:35:34 (579 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top

Emirates Stadium -Noua casa a clubului londonez cu o capacitate de 65 mii de locuri. Arsenal -4ever!

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#41 by akiro Donor (VIP) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-14 18:43:15 (579 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Scaunele sunt cool :)
#42 by newmoldo (Arsenal legend) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-14 20:52:53 (578 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Как сообщает the Guardian, полузащитник Арсенала - Францеск Фабрегас собирается согласовать новый, улучшенный контракт с Арсеналом – опровергающий любые слухи о возвращении в Испанию, в Реал Мадрид.

Фабрегаса связывали с возможным переходом в Реал Мадрид, согласно заявлениям о переговорах между президентом Реала - Кальдероном (прежде, чем он выиграл выборы), и агентом игрока.

Однако, Фабрегас, как говорят, был недоволен слухами, связывающими его с испанским клубом и попросил Арсена Венгера сделать заявление на официальном сайте, которое подтверждало намерение Арсенала удержать игрока.

Фабрегас и его семья, сказали, что были разгневаны тем, что агент говорил от его имени(Фабрегаса) , в то время когда он не имел никакого намерения оставить Арсенал.

Новый контракт Фабгрегаса, заменит его старый контракт и отразит его новый статус в Арсенале, как игрока основного состава, несмотря на его юный возраст 19. Его новый номер 4, который раньше был у Патрика Виера, также является косвенным подтверждением этого.

Агент полузащитника Арсенала Францеска Фабрегаса теперь настаивает, что его клиент никуда не уйдет, несмотря на интерес мадридского Реала.

Агент Фабрегаса, Хосеба Диаз недавно говорил о возможном переходе в Реал, после встречи с новым президентом Реала - Рамоном Колдероном.

Однако, учитывая нежелание Арсенала продавать одного из самых ценных игроков и учитывая собственное желание Фабрегаса оставаться в северном Лондоне, Диаз запел по другому:

"Сеск остается в Арсенале, они не продали бы его и за сто миллионов евро," - сказал Диаз каталонской спортивной газете Sport.

"Это не удар для Сеска, ни для его семьи, ни для меня; как раз наоборот, это - источник гордости"

«Мы очень благодарны Арсеналу, который является частью жизни Сеска, точно так же как и Барселона»

«Мы не тот тип игрока или агента, который пробовал бы спровоцировать уход из клуба.»

"Мы никогда не предали бы клуб (Арсенал), который сделал так много для Сеска."

Реал Мадрид публично говорил об использовании прошлогодней цели Арсенала Хулио Баптисты, как часть компенсации за переход Фабрегаса, но Диаз полагает, что это безразлично касательно позиций Арсенала.

"Арсенал не хочет Баптисту, они хотят Сеска," добавил он.

Iaca asha:D Real Madird n-au sa-l vada pe fabregas niciodata in turma lor de lameri. Spaniolii inca erau siguri ca il vor achizitziona
#43 by newmoldo (Arsenal legend) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-14 21:24:54 (578 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
    Maine la ora 17.00 arsenal va sustzine primul meci amical din cadrul noului sezon, impotriva echipei Barnet. Iaca lista tunarilor care vor juca maine:  Manuel Almunia, Mart Poom, Pascal Cygan, Matthew Connolly, Alex Song, Mathieu Flamini, Alex Hleb, Justin Hoyte, Nicklas Bendtner, Arturo Lupoli and Jeremie Aliadiere.
#44 by Pancho Fotbalist (Hero) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-14 21:28:58 (578 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Poom ?? portarul? ... iaca nu mam asteptat
vad ca e "11" de ... la coada :)
#45 by newmoldo (Arsenal legend) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-14 21:44:19 (578 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#44 Pancho, Portarul e Almunia:) Poom e fundash... dak sincer nish eu de dinsu nu am auzit.. intradevar e 11 de la coada, cu exceptzia lui hleb shi flameni.. restul se odihnesc dupa cupa mondiala:)
#46 by Pancho Fotbalist (Hero) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-14 21:46:26 (578 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
era asa un portar Poom - lituanian sau leton ... tinea bine, fusese mi se pare ca pe la Fulham :wink:
#47 by Walker Donor Fotbalist (Eligible Dead Voter) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-14 21:49:40 (578 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Arsenal rulzzzzzzzzzz !!!

P.S. Portarul de baza a ramas Lehmann ?
#48 by BNQ Donor Fotbalist (8888) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-14 21:50:05 (578 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#43 newmoldo, Alex Hleb :D asta Hleb a nostru(de pe Torrents)? :D :)
#49 by DIMEX Donor (VIP) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-14 21:51:19 (578 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#48 BNQ, :lol:
#50 by newmoldo (Arsenal legend) (0 mesaje) at 2006-07-14 21:52:13 (578 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Pancho, mdea ai dreptate e portar din estonia:DMart joined Arsenal from Sunderland on transfer deadline day last August, agreeing a loan deal with the Gunners until January 2006. He then completed a permanent move to Highbury during the winter transfer window.

The Estonian international goalkeeper has vast experience of English football, having made over 200 appearances for both Derby County and Sunderland. Poom, who has over 100 international caps, has been voted Estonian Footballer of the Year six times.

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